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Our show, 'Indoors Out' was mentioned in this New York Times Article about the Outdoor Living trend
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dean marcosi stone mason designer
Dean Marsico

Dean Marsico - Dean grew up south of Boston in Braintree, MA. He was raised in a close knit Italian family where it was mandatory to attend Sunday Lunch at Noni and Pa’s home along with his Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins. He was lucky enough to have an Uncle Arther Stearns who a Stone Mason by trade hired all is Nephews at one time or another. During this time Dean did everything from stocking jobs, mixing, and cleaning up. He learned the Stone Trade from the ground up. He felt lucky when Uncle Artie let him cut and set a stone. He worked through High School and during breaks from College. Dean received a Business Management Degree from Curry College. After graduation he worked for Chrysler Corporation and started to climb the corporate latter with two promotions in his two years there. Dean left the Corporate world and moved to NYC and LA for the next ten years.

In 2000 he decided to move back home with his wife and young son. At this time he and his Cousin Derek picked up the “Tools” and got back to the “Trade” they learned from Uncle Artie. The business grew and so did the opportunities including hosting two shows for the DIY Network, Rock Solid and Indoors Out. Dean and Derek built their national brand Dean and Derek along the way and are known as top Stone Masons and Outdoor Designers. They both are presently developing and designing products, doing Radio, Trade Shows around the country, and always most importantly working in their Trade installing and designing. Dean’s favorite quote”I will die with my work boots on”!
derek stearns stone mason designer
Derek Stearns

As a second generation stone mason/designer Derek has been working in the industry for over 25 years. Having worked in every aspect of masonry Derek realized that the attention to detail in outdoor living and hardscapes interested him the most. At a young age his father educated him on plants and landscaping, so combining that into his hardscape designs in an added feature to his work. With education in communications and years of construction under his belt, Derek enjoys focusing on public speaking at various trade venues around the country. Working with PBS and DIY helped him hone his skills in the t.v world of construction. He jokes that "t.v.production and construction are two worlds that should never meet, but when it worked it was great."

With over 200 episodes, 7 years on t.v, speaking at international trade shows and teaching hands on classes at quarries, he enjoys the variety of work. Trained in the old world school of hand cutting stone with hammers and chisels he looks forward to those projects that call for the full veneer stone bringing him back to his roots of working his family. Derek lives in the South Shore of Boston, MA, with his wife and two kids.